Fresh air in the North of Sweden

Hello everyone!

Have you seen? We have little more than eight hundred thousand visitors! OMG thats absolutely amazing! Thanks everyone! 😀

We have been home  for a week with family and friends in North of Sweden in August. It was so long ago that we where home in August, so that was lovely.

Me, Linda, have been home and spent lots of time with my best friends Elin, Anna & Sara. Everyone of us settled in with Sara and Ilja (her dog) for two days. Friday we had Swedish ”Kräftskiva”!! 😀 We laughed so much that we had muscle soreness on our cheeks and stomachs the day after. They are really wonderful friends!
Then of course I have also spent time with my family too. My mum, Gunnel and Arne. Dad, Tommy and Anette. My little brothers and their mother. And above all my Grand mothers, Ingrid and Agnhild, who are not so well unfortunately. My Grandma (mother’s side) Ingrid turned 80 and we had an small party for her. Before the weekend we where in Grandma’s old home in Haraudden with my mum, mum’s brother and my cousine. We had an fantastic dinner and were eating Swedish ”Surströmming”. It’s a kind of old herring. 😛 I haven’t ate that in years and OMG so delicious it was!

And for last I was visiting the worlds most beautiful foal, Euphoria! Absolutely gorgeous!
Upload some photos so you can see what a nice time I had.

When I came home to Oslo, me and Tomas was seeing each other for only 2 hours. We ate really good Indian food before it was time for another farewell and Tomas flew up to his lovely family and friends.
He slept a few days in his cabin with her mother Gunilla, Anders and Bella (their dog). He was celebrate his grandma who also turned 80 with a small party. Then he and his dad, Kjell went up to Hakkas to Kjell’s parents home for some moose hunting. 🙂
Last he spent some days with his friends in Luleå and some BBQ-ing on the schedule!!
We don’t have any photos from Tomas week but i might coming later.

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We are really grateful for our lovely families and friends! We already miss you all!
Have a great autumn everyone!
Love and hugs from us!

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