Wonderful weekend in Båstad and a lots of crazy cows!


Hope everything is fine with all of you out there? And that the summer has arrived!

A small update from us….

I’m working a lot as usually. The worst season in the year except the Christmas time is in May and June. Then it is so much work that we don’t have time to see each other, unfortunately. We are off together only 1 day per week… Very sad but it is soon industrial vacation (July) in Norway and then it will be som lesser work for us.
Tomas is working a lot too, Freia have many production work during this season also. He have been working overtime lots of weekends.

In April we had on wonderful weekend in Båstad to visit Gunilla and Anders, but also Tomas brother with family. It was really fun. We don’t see them so often.
That Saturday we drove around Skåne on a day trip and we made some few stops at Brösarps Hills and Ale’s Stones. This was fun to see. Brösarps Hills was shooting location for The brothers Lionhart and the Cherry Valley. 🙂
Some photos from the weekend:

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In the beginning of May we did an day trip to Bygdøy Royal Estate and the early Cow release. It was an lovely Sunday with Farmer’s Market, lots of cows, an bright blue sky and brilliant sunshine.

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And finally from today we only have less then three weeks to our small-vacation. We will soon have lots of sun, diving and San Miguel Light on the terrace. Happy summer!

Lovely, sunny weekend!

This weekend we were off work both of us (and it not happens very often.)
The sun was shining the whole days with a clear blue sky and we spend the days with morning walks, eating prawns at Lekter’n, drinking beers in Bar’daux with Reshirdan and eating fantastic indian food at Jewel of India with Marlene!

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Hope that the summer has come to stay!!

Big hugs


Sunny days is on its way…

Hello everyone!
Now we only have one week left until we leave to Thailand! And god so we yearn, we have really deserved this five weeks of vacation!
We have worked and worked like fools both of us and now it’s finally approaching!
Our lovely house are also getting finished, it’s not much left. We have received photos from Aon and it is really getting amazing! But all of you have to wait a little while longer to see what has happened until we get there. Then we gonna give you some great photos to you!
And we have promised you that you should get a blog-post a day and we should really try to keep our promises!

Another funny thing is that we have received our first booking at the house! Our first guests checking in on January 27 and checking out on February 3. We are so happy and hope they will enjoy their stay in our wonderful house! They have made their reservation through our advertise on Villa Renters. Check it out:

The winter is absent and we charge for the last week with rain and bad weather.
A week passes quickly and soon we’ll get ashore on our paradise island of Koh Tao and into our dream house Frangipani Villa!

Big hugs from us!
Linda & Tomas

Finally here again!

We are sitting here on the terrace again, and it is so amazingly wonderful! We really love to be here! Some cold beers goes down our throat while we looking out over Sairee Beach tiny lights. We are sitting with Tomas friends Arvid and Glenn who are here a few days visiting us.

In a moment we’ll jump into bed and we going to sleep like prince and princess in our comfortable beds. Tomorrow will be a ”much-to-be-done day,” we hope! It is Sunday and we know that most things in Thailand is closed when it is Sunday. The morning will be spent on the phone, so we get everything done during the week we are here. The afternoon will be spent in Chalok Harbour and their pool. Longing for sun and the sea now! Monday will kick-start to get everything up and running, buy plants, building the garden and start with the things to do indoors!

Oh yes, you hear that we are, as usual, busy! But we’ll try to catch a few dives also at Scuba Junction, probably on Tuesday!

Take care, now we take one last cold beer then good night!
See ya, kiss and hug =D