About us

This is who we are!

For those of you who doesn’t know who we are and for those who want to refresh you memory!

I was born right at the beginning of the 80s and grew up in a small northen village called Jokkmokk, there I went to Business School. I Stayed in my hometown, when almost all of my closest friends moved and joined college. Did not quite know what I wanted to do or what I wanted to read. Had dreams of starting my own company as an Equiterapeut and develop my my interest in horses.

Early summer 2004 I moved to Gothenburg and went Göteborgs Bartender School. I practiced and worked as a bartender in the rest of the summer and then moved back home in the fall, where I met my future husband during one of the annual autumn markets. Eventually I moved to him in Luleå, where he lived then. But Luleå as our hometown did not last for long, in the spring of 2007 we moved to Oslo, Norway, and I started working as a bartender at full time. After 6 months with a lots of work, we could finally make our planned long trip… We went for 5 long months to Southeast Asia and did some awesome diving in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines!
When we got home we moved back to Oslo for more work and a desire to travel out into the world again. I working now as a bartender on D/S Louise Restaurant and Bar. Come and drink a beer on the pier-edge!

Born in 1981 in a small town in the north of Sweden, called Boden. I lived there for most of my childhood. After high school, and 10 months of military service, I moved to Luleå to look for work and play drums in the band I was playing in then. Was unemployed most of the seven years I lived in Luleå and spent most of  this time playing music.

When I met Linda in 2004, I lived for a short period in her hometown Jokkmokk while I trained me to be a Carpenter in Övertorneå.

We took our first dive certification in Thailand in 2006 and realized immediately that it was diving who was our big passion in life. We decided to move to Oslo in the spring of 2007 in order to be able to implement our dive and travel plans.
Worked 6 months as a tiler in Oslo before our long diving trip in Asia 2008 which was a hard but well-paid job. When we returned to Oslo in autumn 2008, I worked in the same company 1 month before the crisis hit, and everyone in the company had to go. Then I decided to take forklift license, which resulted in a temporary positions in different warehouse, outside Oslo. Got my dream job as a forklift driver at the chocolate factory Freia in April 2009!