Great love around Oslo…

…despite the tragedy of 22 July 2011.
Monday, July 25 became a memorial marking that no one will never forget. 200 000 people had gathered with roses in their hands to go a rose-procession from Rådhusplassen to Youngstorvet. They had not counted on so many people would gathered in one place so the whole rose-procession was canceled because there was no where to go, there were people everywhere. But instead they shown the speeches and the singing on big-screen televisions around Oslo. It was incredibly many people who wanted to show their love for the Norwegian people and honor those who lost their lives. The days after the entire village has been covered in roses, it is quite fantastic to see that people can unite and show their love instead of hate.
We have walked around the village these days and the flower-bed around Oslo Cathedral is an quite breathtaking sight. Se for yourself on our photos!
The days are trying to gradually get back to normal, you see that more and more people  are coming to Aker Brygge for lunch, dinner, party and shopping. But for some it will never be normal again and our thoughts go to those…

Peace and Love
Take care of each other!


Day of sorrow…

It is completely surreal what happened in Oslo yesterday, Friday 22 July!
It’s so hard to take in, but our thoughts go to Norway and Oslo today!

We are safe and sound, me and Tomas. We took a bus to Båstad on Thursday, to spend the weekend in Sweden with Tomas’s mother Gunilla and her man Anders.
And we can say that we feel really lucky! And it also seems that all our friends and colleagues we have in Oslo also has survived and are safe. Feels great!
I know that the restaurants I’m working in, D/S Louise and Lekter’n are closed today…
As said we find no words, as surly many others, just thoughts and questions how and why?

So good news in the middle of the chaos…
We have finally received the quotation from Aon on Koh Tao Villas!
Now she will go ahead and complete our dream home, everything will be so fantastic! Finally!

This is animated images from our garden., how it will look like when we go there in December.

Isn’t it incredible nice?

It is so much fun when Aon will put her own touch on our dream home, it feels like she wants to realize what we want!
Now we yearn even more to our lovely house on our paradise island, Koh Tao!

Thank again to you who read our blog, it warms our harts!

We light a candle for Oslo and all afflicted with sorrow in their harts…

Big hugs from us, Linda & Tomas
Take care of each other!