Happened since last time!

Hello there!
This has happened since last time we wrote. I, Linda, have come home from my family and friends in Jokkmokk. Here are some photos from the week that I had up north!

We have bought a new camera, a Canon Powershot S95. This is to have two cameras under the surface when we go to the Galapagos next year! So we don’t mess a hammerhead or a whale shark just because we don’t have a camera each… It would be a disaster! =D
We dis some test-photos when Tomas’s mother and her partner were here for one weekend ago. Check out the funny photos.

Then we got some new pictures of what is happening to our lovely house in Koh Tao. Now it’s really getting finished, the garden is almost complete. It is so nice! Check out Frangipani Villas beautiful garden!!

The time ahead is filled with mostly job, job, job. Norway have got half the tax in November so it is best to work as much as possible now! It’s only six weeks left until we step ashore on our paradise Island Koh Tao and our lovely house, Frangipani Villa!

Take care in the autumn darkness!
Linda & Tomas

Report from Koh Tao

Oh yes, new images and a new report on what is happening with our house.
Everything is progressing by leaps and bounds much is ready, but much remains. Aon and the construction team working on like crazy. What is finished is the storage-room outside, the stairs are fixed, the railings around the house is painted and finished. We talked to Aon on Koh Tao the day before yesterday and she told me also that the gutter soon is in place, she wants to fix it as soon as possible before the rainy season comes to Koh Tao, so we can start to collect water.
You hear, there is a lot happening now. But the best part is that we have got more digital design pictures of the garden, outdoor terraces, mini bar and especially the pool! The pictures are fabulous, go to Future plans under Dream house and see for yourself!
This is a sample:

Take care!
Love from us! <3

Wonderful Summer-week!

Hi there!
Hope you all doing well around the world!
Another week has past and we got some lovely people who has visiting us here in Oslo. Last weekend Tomas mom Gunilla and Anders  was here and during the whole week my mom Gunnel and my grand mom Ingrid was staying with us. We had a couple of fantastic days with beautiful summer weather.
The whole week has been loaded with lots of sun, delicious food, small trips, heat, wine and love. Completely wonderful!
On Tuesday we where on an island called Langøya. On Wednesday we walked around Vigeland Sculpture Park and in the evening we sail out in the Oslo-fjord to do some sightseeing and eating lots of fresh prawns. On Thursday we rent a car and did a road-trip to Norwegians fifth largest lake Tyrifjord and its beautiful landscape. On Friday it was raining so we just did some shopping-hours. On Saturday it was sunny again and we spent the whole day on the island Gressholmen and on Sunday we just relaxed and watch the great movie ”Water for Elephants” and then we took a evening walk to to show Oslo Opera House to mom and grand mom.

And then this lovely week was til its end, they traveled back to Sweden on Monday.
It was so fun to have them here the whole week, we are missing them so much. The next year when they coming back we hope they going to stay for two weeks. 😉
Thank you so much for this wonderful summer-week! More pictures you’ll find here.

But now this summer has come to its end, it has turned below 20 degrees and it rains a lot.
It’s sad, we thought that we should have a few more hot days with sun, but if you look on the weather forecast it will not happened.
But then we long even more to stay in our beautiful new renovated house on Koh Tao. It is only 4 month left now until we’ll see it again!!  We got some new animated pictures from Aon yesterday! Look, isn’t going to be amazing?

Tomas has gone to his job and I’m off work to day, so now I’ll curl up on the sofa with a nice book and a cup of tea while the rain pouring down the window.

Take care,
Peace and Love

Day of sorrow…

It is completely surreal what happened in Oslo yesterday, Friday 22 July!
It’s so hard to take in, but our thoughts go to Norway and Oslo today!

We are safe and sound, me and Tomas. We took a bus to Båstad on Thursday, to spend the weekend in Sweden with Tomas’s mother Gunilla and her man Anders.
And we can say that we feel really lucky! And it also seems that all our friends and colleagues we have in Oslo also has survived and are safe. Feels great!
I know that the restaurants I’m working in, D/S Louise and Lekter’n are closed today…
As said we find no words, as surly many others, just thoughts and questions how and why?

So good news in the middle of the chaos…
We have finally received the quotation from Aon on Koh Tao Villas!
Now she will go ahead and complete our dream home, everything will be so fantastic! Finally!

This is animated images from our garden., how it will look like when we go there in December.

Isn’t it incredible nice?

It is so much fun when Aon will put her own touch on our dream home, it feels like she wants to realize what we want!
Now we yearn even more to our lovely house on our paradise island, Koh Tao!

Thank again to you who read our blog, it warms our harts!

We light a candle for Oslo and all afflicted with sorrow in their harts…

Big hugs from us, Linda & Tomas
Take care of each other!