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Hello everyone!
Very soon….. In just a week, our plane lifts early on Friday morning to Ecuador and the Galapagos. At last!
This trip we booked for 1.5 years ago and you can imagine now is the day coming soon for our dream trip!
We will join a dive-liveaboard as it so nicely named. Where you as a diver, dive, eat and sleep, dive, eat, sleep in lots of days and experience the exciting wildlife both below the surface and above the surface, such as hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, manta rays, eagle rays and then Galapagos unique wildlife as Galapagos sharks, Galapagos Tortoise, Marine Iguanas, Galapagos sea lions and the cute Galapagos penguins.

Here’s a taste for you. All images are borrowed but soon we will show you our own!

Hugs from us!

Sunny days is on its way…

Hello everyone!
Now we only have one week left until we leave to Thailand! And god so we yearn, we have really deserved this five weeks of vacation!
We have worked and worked like fools both of us and now it’s finally approaching!
Our lovely house are also getting finished, it’s not much left. We have received photos from Aon and it is really getting amazing! But all of you have to wait a little while longer to see what has happened until we get there. Then we gonna give you some great photos to you!
And we have promised you that you should get a blog-post a day and we should really try to keep our promises!

Another funny thing is that we have received our first booking at the house! Our first guests checking in on January 27 and checking out on February 3. We are so happy and hope they will enjoy their stay in our wonderful house! They have made their reservation through our advertise on Villa Renters. Check it out:

The winter is absent and we charge for the last week with rain and bad weather.
A week passes quickly and soon we’ll get ashore on our paradise island of Koh Tao and into our dream house Frangipani Villa!

Big hugs from us!
Linda & Tomas

Missing Koh Tao!

Now we are home again, time flies when you’re having fun, unfortunately. We would love to stay on our paradise-island forever. But for now, we have to do this short trips back and forth because we have to work too!

We have managed to get lots of things done. We have obtained insurance to be
cover most of the things, but who may know if it will work in Thailand as
it comes to the crunch, it remains of course to see. We also get an post-box at the PostOffice and the foremost thing we had to do on this trip was to overwrite the land-paper from Sportsgarden to our company Frangipani Villa Koh Tao and now it is done, finally! So we are now official owner of the land where our dreamhouse stands on! Feels really good!

Our new office Koh Tao Villas and architect Aon is now under contract for completin everything in our house and small things outside. She will also construct the
garden and our store-room and some do some of the extra little luxury things to make our house even more beautiful. Everything should be ready when we arrive in December, and it is so exiting, we can hardly wait!
It feels so incredibly good that we finally get everything done!
The funny thing is that we have left our pool plans for her and she has already found a pool-company in Bangkok that will build it. We will also have a 3D drawing of our proposed pool area! Looking forward to it!

Check in our new pictures from our short trip to Koh Tao and the new pictures on our lovely house Frangipani Villa Koh Tao!

In Oslo, everything as usual except that it is quite warm, probably believe that the summer has arrived, finally!

Big hugs!