Galapagos and 5000 visitors!

Yes, this is so wonderful!
For almost a month we have had more than 5,000 visitors here at our website, it’s just fantastic! Thanks to you all!

Then there’s an exciting thing to tell you ….In September 2012, finally our biggest dream will come true!
We have booked a dive trip to the Galapagos! Oh yes, you read correctly. Finally we get to dive with large schools of hammerheads, whale sharks, and manta rays. But we also looking forward to experience the Galapagos above the surface. The islands are truly a natural paradise for birds, tortoises, penguin and sea lions! We have dreamed about this a long time, ever since our first dive on Koh Tao and we began to scout out in the ocean of what can be found in the sea!

But this is not all..Magnus Lundgren, one of Sweden’s best underwater photographers will be on the boat in the Galapagos. He will give everyone on this trip a Workshop in underwater photography, so we can learn to take even better pictures under the surface!
We will also combine the trip with a week on Bonaire in the Caribbean, for even more spectacular diving!

We yearn for this so much already, this will be an extraordinary experience!

Keep reading and visiting our site, we really appreciate it!


Big Hugs from us!

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