Finally here again!

We are sitting here on the terrace again, and it is so amazingly wonderful! We really love to be here! Some cold beers goes down our throat while we looking out over Sairee Beach tiny lights. We are sitting with Tomas friends Arvid and Glenn who are here a few days visiting us.

In a moment we’ll jump into bed and we going to sleep like prince and princess in our comfortable beds. Tomorrow will be a ”much-to-be-done day,” we hope! It is Sunday and we know that most things in Thailand is closed when it is Sunday. The morning will be spent on the phone, so we get everything done during the week we are here. The afternoon will be spent in Chalok Harbour and their pool. Longing for sun and the sea now! Monday will kick-start to get everything up and running, buy plants, building the garden and start with the things to do indoors!

Oh yes, you hear that we are, as usual, busy! But we’ll try to catch a few dives also at Scuba Junction, probably on Tuesday!

Take care, now we take one last cold beer then good night!
See ya, kiss and hug =D

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