Soon on Koh Tao again! <3

Hello you all!
Hmm now it is a very loooong time since we wrote anything again. So sorry.
But it is not only laciness. We have had much problem with the site and we have tried to fix it. Some of the problems comes from plug-ins that we use and that has caused that the english site has been down. But it has also been some small fault here and there. And when ’time’ hasn’t been there at all, when we both working full-time so have the webpage been on the shelf for a while, unfortunately. But now we hope it’s working as normal again with some updates and some purchase of plug-ins and that the site can run as normal again!

And now we only have 5 days left until we are in our lovely paradis again! On Sunday it is depature. And this time we will be on Koh Tao 5 weeks. No other trips are planed, only relaxing! It will be so nice and we are really worth it!

Enjoy some photos on Frangipani Villa from our trip there in July. It’s not so strange that we longing for it every hour and every minute cause our luxury villa is truly amazing! <3

Hugs from us!


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