Happened since last time!

Hello there!
This has happened since last time we wrote. I, Linda, have come home from my family and friends in Jokkmokk. Here are some photos from the week that I had up north!

We have bought a new camera, a Canon Powershot S95. This is to have two cameras under the surface when we go to the Galapagos next year! So we don’t mess a hammerhead or a whale shark just because we don’t have a camera each… It would be a disaster! =D
We dis some test-photos when Tomas’s mother and her partner were here for one weekend ago. Check out the funny photos.

Then we got some new pictures of what is happening to our lovely house in Koh Tao. Now it’s really getting finished, the garden is almost complete. It is so nice! Check out Frangipani Villas beautiful garden!!

The time ahead is filled with mostly job, job, job. Norway have got half the tax in November so it is best to work as much as possible now! It’s only six weeks left until we step ashore on our paradise Island Koh Tao and our lovely house, Frangipani Villa!

Take care in the autumn darkness!
Linda & Tomas

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