Linda at home in the North of Sweden

Hi there!
I’ve now been back in Jokkmokk for a week. Going back to Oslo tomorrow, Tuesday.
It has been a hectic week as usual to meet with family and friends. I’ve also had time to go to my old stable and I’m so lucky to have good friends who would lend out their horse to me. It was funny as hell, but I had a really bad soreness in my muscles in the whole body, two days after, even in my hands… haha. But it was worth it!
On Friday me and my girlfriends Elin, Anna and Jenny had a girls-party. There was wine, good food, wine, cheese, wine, crackers and more wine! =D
Then we had a 50’s Birthday Party fom my Mom’s partner Arne on Saturday. We had a great dinner with drinks for 40 people. There it was full speed, unconscious almost to 6 o’clock in the morning for some, me and my mom went home at 3 o’clock! =D
There was al quick post from me and some pictures are coming!
Take care and big hugs! //Linda

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