Dream House

It all started when Tomas wanted to realize the dream of a house in Thailand as he had for a while. But in early 2009 began Tomas seriously looking at houses in Thailand.
Linda was quite skeptical at first, thought we could’t afford it and was too cowardly to take the plunge. After many hours of discussion and we came in touch with Lennart and Ann-Marie at Sports Garden in April, Linda also began to dream.
They were looking for nice neighbors in a house-area on Koh Tao. It was definitely interesting as we where well known about Koh Tao. We loved the island ever since we were there the first time in 2005 and that we know some people who live there, did not make the things worse.
So in September 2009 we flew down to Thailand and Koh Tao and settled the matter!

We signed a contract in September 2009 and the start of construction would have been November 21st 2009, but it was delayed. Since Narong, our construction manager, wanted to make sure our neighbor’s roof was made first so he could build our house higher for a better seaview. Very thoughtful of him which we are very happy of now. But then the construction got going!

Our house are about 5 min walk to Mae Haad Village. The port which can be reached by boat from Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and the mainland Chumpon.
The Island has everything you need, shops, restaurants, bank, post office, Travel agency, 7eleven, Pharmacy etc.

About 20 min walk to Sairee Beach with lovely beach restaurants and shops. Most of Koh Tao’s divecenters are also along with Sairee Beach.

But, as everyone does in Thailand, we always rent a motorbike. It’s a fast and easy way to get around to these places and many many more of Koh Tao’s lovely beaches.


Lower level
Our construction engineering Ohn has designed the new layout of our house. It is also he and his construction team that will build this wonderful house.
We will have two floors, on the 1st floor you’ll find the kitchen with dining area and a lounge area, then you’ll have two stairs, one to the right goes to a guestroom and one to the left leads to the toilet and the stairs to the 2nd floor.
We will also have a huge boulder which cemented into the house. It will be visible in the bathroom, guestroom and the lounge area.

On the 1st floor is the kitchen and living room. The living room here will only be a wonderful zone of chillout, cozy lighting and large sliding doors and windows. Although the kitchen will merge with the living room with matching furniture and large bright windows.
And as you can see we have a lovely large and spacious terrace on the ground floor which will, in the future lead to an Jacuzzi and the poolarea.

Up the stairs we’ll have a small TV room with a cozy sofa and a great view to the upper terrace and the sea. Large sliding doors out to the big lovely terrace.
In the next room, our master bedroom. Large spacious and also with lovely furniture and large windows and doors opens up to the upper terrace.
Last but not least we’ll have a big upper terrace. Up here we have a fantastic seaview of Sairee Beach, Mae Haad and Koh Nang Yuan. Half of the terrace will be shaded which we’ll have beautiful furniture to chill and soak in to.

Well, what do you think? Is it seems to be a dream home? 😉

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