Wonderful weekend in Båstad and a lots of crazy cows!


Hope everything is fine with all of you out there? And that the summer has arrived!

A small update from us….

I’m working a lot as usually. The worst season in the year except the Christmas time is in May and June. Then it is so much work that we don’t have time to see each other, unfortunately. We are off together only 1 day per week… Very sad but it is soon industrial vacation (July) in Norway and then it will be som lesser work for us.
Tomas is working a lot too, Freia have many production work during this season also. He have been working overtime lots of weekends.

In April we had on wonderful weekend in Båstad to visit Gunilla and Anders, but also Tomas brother with family. It was really fun. We don’t see them so often.
That Saturday we drove around Skåne on a day trip and we made some few stops at Brösarps Hills and Ale’s Stones. This was fun to see. Brösarps Hills was shooting location for The brothers Lionhart and the Cherry Valley. 🙂
Some photos from the weekend:

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In the beginning of May we did an day trip to Bygdøy Royal Estate and the early Cow release. It was an lovely Sunday with Farmer’s Market, lots of cows, an bright blue sky and brilliant sunshine.

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And finally from today we only have less then three weeks to our small-vacation. We will soon have lots of sun, diving and San Miguel Light on the terrace. Happy summer!

Lovely, sunny weekend!

This weekend we were off work both of us (and it not happens very often.)
The sun was shining the whole days with a clear blue sky and we spend the days with morning walks, eating prawns at Lekter’n, drinking beers in Bar’daux with Reshirdan and eating fantastic indian food at Jewel of India with Marlene!

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Hope that the summer has come to stay!!

Big hugs


A hundred thousand

Hello hello to you all!
O my God, we have recently reached a hundred thousand visitors (100 000)!!
It is really great! We are so grateful that you reading our blog and we are very, very sorry that we do not update as often! We will try to get better at it!

But what is happening now is that we just work and work and soon it’s only four weeks left until we meet Koh Tao and our fantastic villa again. It will be as exciting and fun to see everything that is done in reality. We’ve got pictures, but it’s not quite the same as experiencing it yourself. So now we longs both of us that these four weeks to go as fast as possible. And hold out, we promise that it will be at least one blog post every day or evening when we are on Koh Tao and sit on the terrace with a San Miguel Light at sunset!

Take care so long!
Big hugs from us =D

Happened since last time!

Hello there!
This has happened since last time we wrote. I, Linda, have come home from my family and friends in Jokkmokk. Here are some photos from the week that I had up north!

We have bought a new camera, a Canon Powershot S95. This is to have two cameras under the surface when we go to the Galapagos next year! So we don’t mess a hammerhead or a whale shark just because we don’t have a camera each… It would be a disaster! =D
We dis some test-photos when Tomas’s mother and her partner were here for one weekend ago. Check out the funny photos.

Then we got some new pictures of what is happening to our lovely house in Koh Tao. Now it’s really getting finished, the garden is almost complete. It is so nice! Check out Frangipani Villas beautiful garden!!

The time ahead is filled with mostly job, job, job. Norway have got half the tax in November so it is best to work as much as possible now! It’s only six weeks left until we step ashore on our paradise Island Koh Tao and our lovely house, Frangipani Villa!

Take care in the autumn darkness!
Linda & Tomas

Ett hundra tusen

Hej Hallå på er alla!
O my God, vi har i dagarna uppnått ett hundra tusen besökare (100 000)!!!
Det är riktigt stort! Vi är så tacksamma för att ni är in och läser på vår blogg och vi ber så hemskt mycket om ursäkt för att vi inte uppdaterar så ofta! Vi ska försöka bli bättre på det!
Men det som händer nu är att vi bara jobbar och jobbar och snart så är det bara fyra veckor kvar tills vi återser Koh Tao och vår fantastiska villa. Ska bli så spännande och roligt att få se allt som är gjort i verkligheten. Vi har ju fått bilder, men det är ju inte riktigt samma sak som att uppleva det själv. Så nu längtar vi båda som två små tok på att dessa fyra veckor ska gå så fort som möjligt!Håll ut för vi lovar att det ska bli minst ett blogginlägg varje dag eller kväll när vi är på Koh Tao och sitter på terrassen och tar oss en San Miguel Light i solnedgången!!

Ha det gott så länge!
Stora kramar från oss =D

Great love around Oslo…

…despite the tragedy of 22 July 2011.
Monday, July 25 became a memorial marking that no one will never forget. 200 000 people had gathered with roses in their hands to go a rose-procession from Rådhusplassen to Youngstorvet. They had not counted on so many people would gathered in one place so the whole rose-procession was canceled because there was no where to go, there were people everywhere. But instead they shown the speeches and the singing on big-screen televisions around Oslo. It was incredibly many people who wanted to show their love for the Norwegian people and honor those who lost their lives. The days after the entire village has been covered in roses, it is quite fantastic to see that people can unite and show their love instead of hate.
We have walked around the village these days and the flower-bed around Oslo Cathedral is an quite breathtaking sight. Se for yourself on our photos!
The days are trying to gradually get back to normal, you see that more and more people  are coming to Aker Brygge for lunch, dinner, party and shopping. But for some it will never be normal again and our thoughts go to those…

Peace and Love
Take care of each other!