Report from Koh Tao

Oh yes, new images and a new report on what is happening with our house.
Everything is progressing by leaps and bounds much is ready, but much remains. Aon and the construction team working on like crazy. What is finished is the storage-room outside, the stairs are fixed, the railings around the house is painted and finished. We talked to Aon on Koh Tao the day before yesterday and she told me also that the gutter soon is in place, she wants to fix it as soon as possible before the rainy season comes to Koh Tao, so we can start to collect water.
You hear, there is a lot happening now. But the best part is that we have got more digital design pictures of the garden, outdoor terraces, mini bar and especially the pool! The pictures are fabulous, go to Future plans under Dream house and see for yourself!
This is a sample:

Take care!
Love from us! <3

Day of sorrow…

It is completely surreal what happened in Oslo yesterday, Friday 22 July!
It’s so hard to take in, but our thoughts go to Norway and Oslo today!

We are safe and sound, me and Tomas. We took a bus to Båstad on Thursday, to spend the weekend in Sweden with Tomas’s mother Gunilla and her man Anders.
And we can say that we feel really lucky! And it also seems that all our friends and colleagues we have in Oslo also has survived and are safe. Feels great!
I know that the restaurants I’m working in, D/S Louise and Lekter’n are closed today…
As said we find no words, as surly many others, just thoughts and questions how and why?

So good news in the middle of the chaos…
We have finally received the quotation from Aon on Koh Tao Villas!
Now she will go ahead and complete our dream home, everything will be so fantastic! Finally!

This is animated images from our garden., how it will look like when we go there in December.

Isn’t it incredible nice?

It is so much fun when Aon will put her own touch on our dream home, it feels like she wants to realize what we want!
Now we yearn even more to our lovely house on our paradise island, Koh Tao!

Thank again to you who read our blog, it warms our harts!

We light a candle for Oslo and all afflicted with sorrow in their harts…

Big hugs from us, Linda & Tomas
Take care of each other!

Finally here again!

We are sitting here on the terrace again, and it is so amazingly wonderful! We really love to be here! Some cold beers goes down our throat while we looking out over Sairee Beach tiny lights. We are sitting with Tomas friends Arvid and Glenn who are here a few days visiting us.

In a moment we’ll jump into bed and we going to sleep like prince and princess in our comfortable beds. Tomorrow will be a ”much-to-be-done day,” we hope! It is Sunday and we know that most things in Thailand is closed when it is Sunday. The morning will be spent on the phone, so we get everything done during the week we are here. The afternoon will be spent in Chalok Harbour and their pool. Longing for sun and the sea now! Monday will kick-start to get everything up and running, buy plants, building the garden and start with the things to do indoors!

Oh yes, you hear that we are, as usual, busy! But we’ll try to catch a few dives also at Scuba Junction, probably on Tuesday!

Take care, now we take one last cold beer then good night!
See ya, kiss and hug =D

Less than 2 weeks to go….

Soon it’s time again to pack our bags and head for warmer
latitudes, The Island Koh Tao and our lovely house! It has been six months
since we were there last time, weeks and month goes by so incredibly fast. This time we
only have 10 intense days in the island, but the idea is to fix the land-paper, buy more
plants for the garden and finalize the last little things on the house!

This time we have chosen to fly with Solar Air to Chumphon, a new
low-cost airlines have start to fly between Bangkok-Chumphon. Then go by boat from the mainland to Koh Tao as usual. All this at a cost of 2200 baht per person. And thats cheap!!
Previously, we have always been flying with Bangkok Air to Koh Samui and then
go by boat to Koh Tao, but it is almost twice as expensive. It will be interesting to test the new route!  But it will be little bit of stress when we landing at Suvarnabhumi
International Airport because we only got about three hours to get through the passport-control, collect our bag, throw us into a taxi and take us to Bangkok’s old airport, Don Mueang, where our plan to Chumphon leaves from. We really hope that there are no delays!

And volcanic eruption in Iceland does not make things much better. Our fingers is crossed that no volcanic ashes will be spread across Scandinavia next week, that would be a disaster!

Give you some new pics when we get down to the house and got our first beer on the terrace!!

Hugs from us!

More than 10 000 visitors!

This is ridiculous!

In just a few weeks we have had over 10 000 visitors, it’s really really fun!
Imagine that there are so many who are enter our website and are interested in our lives!
Many thanks to all and a big sorry for not writing more often. But our blog is no ordinary blog. We write in it when we think we have som interesting to tell you more than what we do every day. Hope you don’t mind?

We have been at home in Northern Sweden to visit my loved ones, I came back on Wednesday to work hard during the Easter weekend, while Thomas is still there and visit his family. He is back on Monday.
Everything is great with us. Right now, we work as much as possible to save money for the Galapagos and to build our pool at the house as soon as possible!

On June 3 we will go to Thailand again, this time we will be there for 10 days, to fix things. We should start a bank account, transfer the land to our company, fix a house insurance and make the house ready inside. We will also pretend that we have green fingers and try to plant plants and flowers in our garden!
Yes, as you hear, it gets really busy as usual. But we will definitely try to enjoy a bit, Tomas finally gets to live there for the first time for real, and of course we’ll have time for some diving too!

Some lovely photos from our trip to Southeast Asia, more specifically Komodo!

A really big thanks again to all who visit us, you are amazing! 😀

Big Hugs from us!