Dive & Travel

Diving and travelling is our great passion in life!

The most of us i about diving and travelling. We working to go travel and dive.

Our intrest in travel began when we first got together three weeks in Thailand in March 2005, it continued with a two month trip to Thailand and Malaysia in the end of 2006, beginging of 2007, when we also got our first dive-certification.
In the spring 2007 we moved to Oslo, Norway to work and save money for a planned long-trip to South East Asia in 2008.

Our dive-career started when we got our fist dive-cert OW and AOW in January 2007, then we just continue to educate ourselves in diving. And of couse we have a focus on becoming intructors.

We got all our dive-certification on Ban’s Diving Resort, Koh Tao.
Open Water (OW), Advance Open Water (AOW), ERF-Emergency First Response,
Rescue Diver and Enriched Air (Nitrox).

We also got Dry-Suit certification in August 2008 with Jonas at Ängelholms Dykcenter.

# Born to Dive – Forced to Work #

Galapagos 2012Maldiverna 2013ThailandSydost Asien 2008Thailand & Malaysia 2006/2007

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