The spring is here!

With new challenges and desire for summer! =)

And Happy New Year / Songkran in Thailand!

We enjoying life and we still working a lot, Tomas in the Chocolate factory Freia and I in the restaurants D/S Louise and Lekter’n.
Tomas, he has also started to play drums again when he has free days, which he thinks is incredibly fun!
And I’ve started to work in Lekter’n again this summer. This year I will be Daily Manager with personnel responsibility. It’s really fun to get a new challenge, otherwise it’s easy to fall into some sort of stupor. Haha. But I will in the same time work as a bartender and head waiter at D/S Louise. So far it’s pretty quiet at AkerBrygge, we have had one busy weekend in Mars, when we had lots of SUN and 20 degrees but April has been cold and wet, then now we all longing for summer, with more sun and and warm weather, hopefully. Aker Brygge’s a fantastic place to be in the summer!

This summer, we haven’t got any plans, except that we are traveling back to northern Sweden for one week to visit our families and friends. And then we have the Galapagos trip to look forward to in September, which we now saving lots of money to and we have to buy new divingsuits and small goodies for the trip as well. It’ll be awesome to go to one of the world’s best diving- and nature paradise!

During the Easter week, two friends of ours were on Koh Tao and they have been so nice to look after Frangipani Villa. They also had the time to take some new photos for us, of the terraces and mini-bar. It was so fun to see how beautiful it has become! Thank you sweeties Jennie and Sophie for that!!
[nggallery id=11]

When we were on Koh Tao in January, we also view and modify the design of our pool-area. And Koh Tao Villas team is amazing to listen to our ideas and wishes, and then transfer them to a realistic design. Check for yourself how lovely our pool and pool-area will be, we hope that we can start building it in a near future!
[nggallery id=10]

The rental is going great, our third-guests checked out on Saturday, we have not heard anything other than that they had it perfect! They probably had to experience a crazy fun Songkran on Koh Tao! =) Then we have the villa reserved almost the entire May, tjohoo!

That was everything for now!
Spring Happiness from us!

Sunny days is on its way…

Hello everyone!
Now we only have one week left until we leave to Thailand! And god so we yearn, we have really deserved this five weeks of vacation!
We have worked and worked like fools both of us and now it’s finally approaching!
Our lovely house are also getting finished, it’s not much left. We have received photos from Aon and it is really getting amazing! But all of you have to wait a little while longer to see what has happened until we get there. Then we gonna give you some great photos to you!
And we have promised you that you should get a blog-post a day and we should really try to keep our promises!

Another funny thing is that we have received our first booking at the house! Our first guests checking in on January 27 and checking out on February 3. We are so happy and hope they will enjoy their stay in our wonderful house! They have made their reservation through our advertise on Villa Renters. Check it out:

The winter is absent and we charge for the last week with rain and bad weather.
A week passes quickly and soon we’ll get ashore on our paradise island of Koh Tao and into our dream house Frangipani Villa!

Big hugs from us!
Linda & Tomas

Day of sorrow…

It is completely surreal what happened in Oslo yesterday, Friday 22 July!
It’s so hard to take in, but our thoughts go to Norway and Oslo today!

We are safe and sound, me and Tomas. We took a bus to Båstad on Thursday, to spend the weekend in Sweden with Tomas’s mother Gunilla and her man Anders.
And we can say that we feel really lucky! And it also seems that all our friends and colleagues we have in Oslo also has survived and are safe. Feels great!
I know that the restaurants I’m working in, D/S Louise and Lekter’n are closed today…
As said we find no words, as surly many others, just thoughts and questions how and why?

So good news in the middle of the chaos…
We have finally received the quotation from Aon on Koh Tao Villas!
Now she will go ahead and complete our dream home, everything will be so fantastic! Finally!

This is animated images from our garden., how it will look like when we go there in December.

Isn’t it incredible nice?

It is so much fun when Aon will put her own touch on our dream home, it feels like she wants to realize what we want!
Now we yearn even more to our lovely house on our paradise island, Koh Tao!

Thank again to you who read our blog, it warms our harts!

We light a candle for Oslo and all afflicted with sorrow in their harts…

Big hugs from us, Linda & Tomas
Take care of each other!