In April we were back on Koh Tao again!


So in April we were back again on Koh Tao. This time with my mum and her partner. But also with Anna and Ove, their friends from Piteå. As from now are our friends too of course.
These two weeks were just cozy and fun on the terrace. Lots of sun and swimming. We celebrated my mum who had jubileum-birthday in may. But we also celebrated SongKran – Thai New Year!! This was our first Songkran and it was lots of fun! 😀 Lots of water, we were soaked from tip to toe and we were only out for little more than an hour?! Hehe. We really hop that we will be doing this a lot more, because it was great fun!

There was a lot of beers and lots of tasty food as usually. But we also did an snorkel-trip to Mango Bay and Koh Nangyuan and some sightseeing around the island! Maybe this trip around this time can be an returning happening, Gunnel, Arne, Ove and Anna?! 😉

Lots have happens since our last blog-post…

Hello you all, lots of things have happen in our live since we wrote something here at the end of December last yer.. shit we are so sorry for it!

Hope all of our readers is well and that your summer have been great?!

We have had some small problem with our page since month back and sometimes it makes us tired of fixing things all the time… 🙁

Ok, what have happened then? Yes, we have been in Thailand not once but twice. And we have also bought an lovely little apartment here in Oslo. We got the keys to it the day after we arrived back home in January. Jippi!! 😀 You will see som photos soon but we was thinking of getting som photos our from our last two trips. The Christmas/New Year trip and when we celebrating My Mums 60th birthday and SongKran/Thai New Year in April.

Enjoy our photos from these trips, and we will get some more photo album out this weekend. Keep your eyes open! Big hugs /Linda

Koh Tao 2015/2016 <3


Alright, then we have made lots of blog-posts with lots of photos from our last trips to our paradis! 😀

This is only the start, it will be lots more. These photos are the last from our christmas/new year trip 2015/2016. Maybe it comes little bit more, but the focus will be for now on the trip we did in April, earlier this year. Big hugs from us /Linda & Tomas



Soon on Koh Tao again! <3

Hello you all!
Hmm now it is a very loooong time since we wrote anything again. So sorry.
But it is not only laciness. We have had much problem with the site and we have tried to fix it. Some of the problems comes from plug-ins that we use and that has caused that the english site has been down. But it has also been some small fault here and there. And when ’time’ hasn’t been there at all, when we both working full-time so have the webpage been on the shelf for a while, unfortunately. But now we hope it’s working as normal again with some updates and some purchase of plug-ins and that the site can run as normal again!

And now we only have 5 days left until we are in our lovely paradis again! On Sunday it is depature. And this time we will be on Koh Tao 5 weeks. No other trips are planed, only relaxing! It will be so nice and we are really worth it!

Enjoy some photos on Frangipani Villa from our trip there in July. It’s not so strange that we longing for it every hour and every minute cause our luxury villa is truly amazing! <3

Hugs from us!


Better late than never…

Hello hello!
So sorry for us being very unactive on our website. 🙁
But we will try to do better as usually.

Lots have happened since we did our last blogpost. We have had springwinter as we say here in Scandinavia. And then we have had a very cold start on the summer… brr. But now it looks like it here finally!

In about two weeks we going back to our paradise Frangipani Villa on Koh Tao agian! We longing so much. Its going to be so so nice! 😀 We will be there for 2 week and we hope for sun, cozy evenings at our terrace, good company and one or two Singha, Chang or San Miguel. And maybe som diving too.
Here you can enjoy some photos from our last trip… and yes we know.. better late than never! 😉

Have a great summer!
Big hugs from us

A small blogpost about Koh Tao

Hello in this fantastic summer heat that we have here in Scandinavia!
It’s absolutely amazing what a summer we have had until now. 😀

Just before the heat stroke we packed our bags and went to our paradise again.
Two weeks with fix and trick in our villa, some diving, met new and old friends but we have also had time to enjoying a cold beer on our lovely terrace.
Photo will come in shortly but post a small movie from our terrace. It for you who haven’t yet understand what paradise we have our second home in and of course for you who already know it! 🙂

Happy summer and enjoy it while its here!
Big hugs,
//Linda & Tomas