Less than 2 weeks to go….

Soon it’s time again to pack our bags and head for warmer
latitudes, The Island Koh Tao and our lovely house! It has been six months
since we were there last time, weeks and month goes by so incredibly fast. This time we
only have 10 intense days in the island, but the idea is to fix the land-paper, buy more
plants for the garden and finalize the last little things on the house!

This time we have chosen to fly with Solar Air to Chumphon, a new
low-cost airlines have start to fly between Bangkok-Chumphon. Then go by boat from the mainland to Koh Tao as usual. All this at a cost of 2200 baht per person. And thats cheap!!
Previously, we have always been flying with Bangkok Air to Koh Samui and then
go by boat to Koh Tao, but it is almost twice as expensive. It will be interesting to test the new route!  But it will be little bit of stress when we landing at Suvarnabhumi
International Airport because we only got about three hours to get through the passport-control, collect our bag, throw us into a taxi and take us to Bangkok’s old airport, Don Mueang, where our plan to Chumphon leaves from. We really hope that there are no delays!

And volcanic eruption in Iceland does not make things much better. Our fingers is crossed that no volcanic ashes will be spread across Scandinavia next week, that would be a disaster!

Give you some new pics when we get down to the house and got our first beer on the terrace!!

Hugs from us!

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