Lots have happens since our last blog-post…

Hello you all, lots of things have happen in our live since we wrote something here at the end of December last yer.. shit we are so sorry for it!

Hope all of our readers is well and that your summer have been great?!

We have had some small problem with our page since month back and sometimes it makes us tired of fixing things all the time… 🙁

Ok, what have happened then? Yes, we have been in Thailand not once but twice. And we have also bought an lovely little apartment here in Oslo. We got the keys to it the day after we arrived back home in January. Jippi!! 😀 You will see som photos soon but we was thinking of getting som photos our from our last two trips. The Christmas/New Year trip and when we celebrating My Mums 60th birthday and SongKran/Thai New Year in April.

Enjoy our photos from these trips, and we will get some more photo album out this weekend. Keep your eyes open! Big hugs /Linda

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