In April we were back on Koh Tao again!


So in April we were back again on Koh Tao. This time with my mum and her partner. But also with Anna and Ove, their friends from Piteå. As from now are our friends too of course.
These two weeks were just cozy and fun on the terrace. Lots of sun and swimming. We celebrated my mum who had jubileum-birthday in may. But we also celebrated SongKran – Thai New Year!! This was our first Songkran and it was lots of fun! 😀 Lots of water, we were soaked from tip to toe and we were only out for little more than an hour?! Hehe. We really hop that we will be doing this a lot more, because it was great fun!

There was a lot of beers and lots of tasty food as usually. But we also did an snorkel-trip to Mango Bay and Koh Nangyuan and some sightseeing around the island! Maybe this trip around this time can be an returning happening, Gunnel, Arne, Ove and Anna?! 😉

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